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Student Testimonials

Christian Life Preparatory School

“We all have 24 hours in a day. How we use those hours is up to us. One of the benefits of a UM school is the ability to take ownership of your time. Because I was not in class half of the week, I had to make decisions about how to use my “free time.” Because of these experiences, I learned valuable time management skills and reaped the repercussions of poor use of time. UM schools do not just provide education; they provide real opportunities to develop habits that can greatly impact your future.”

Amy N.

Christian Life Preparatory School

“As a graduate of a UM school, I can look back on my high school experience, knowing that it prepared me for college and the hard choices that come along with it. The UM school provided a rigorous educational system that is very similar to college workloads. Even though I had more homework than my friends in public school, I felt more comfortable with the college workload than they did. In addition, the teachers valued each student and graded fairly. Overall, the UM school prepared me for college, instilled important values, and helped me learn time management.”

Kaitlin H.

Christian Life Preparatory School

“As a currently enrolled college student, I can honestly say that the challenges I was presented with and the skills I learned at CLPS greatly eased my transition into higher education. I am so incredibly grateful for all of the teachers that pushed me to study and learn on my own. CLPS was an invaluable stepping stone in my academic journey and, although I did not fully appreciate it at the time, I can honestly say that every day I spent in class was equipping me to be a better learner, a harder worker, and a more capable student.”

Micah G.

Christian Life Preparatory School

“I was simply better prepared for college than my peers. I haven’t met a single challenge that I was unprepared for; my transition to college was nearly seamless, while many of my peers suffered simply because they were unprepared for the workload and responsibility.”

Joe A.

Parent Testimonials

Hope Academy

“We have been at Hope Academy for 4 years now. I saw immediate benefits after the first week. My son used to lack time management skills and self-confidence. Now, he loves learning and is completely self-sufficient and takes great pride in his work. Hope is such an encouraging environment and the classes are small and very close knit. The teachers really get to know the children. We feel so blessed to be a part of Hope Academy and are grateful for an alternative to public school.”


Gena H.

Greenville Classical Academy

“My children learned not only knowledge of the Bible, literature, science, history, etc. but also are training how to be disciples of God.”


Xing L.

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy

“They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes a University-Model® school to educate a child. It is the perfect balance of support, wisdom from others, family bonding, and socializing. In my opinion, there is no better way to teach!”


Jennifer R.

Hope Academy

“Hope Academy and the University-Model® have revolutionized our family. The school has partnered with us to raise critical thinkers who are preparing to impact the kingdom. Our kids are growing in their God-given gifts, have developed a love for learning, and are seeking the Lord in the big and small areas of their lives.”


Anne R.